and again

i feel dead inside.

nothing interests me in the least bit.

and i can’t feel anything.


monster, act I

i can’t feel anything.

something is blocking my feelings and memories.
most likely my mind attempting to protect itself.

i’m already dead and still,
i’m not particularly interested in even that.

i will update and reply to your lovely messages and comments tomorrow, everyone. i’m sorry!

it’s a reason to smile, it makes tomorrow all right.

One of my favourite films is Requiem for a Dream–everyone’s, I know–but it’s extremely rare when I find any film that meets my expectations and actually enjoy. I read the book first, as I did Fight Club, not knowing the movies were any popular. Except this is much better than the book. I rarely say that about anything adapted from a novel.

I see so much of myself in it, which haunts me every time I watch. But don’t we all see an extension of ourselves in this particular film?

I’m randomly saying these things because I found it’s on Amazon Prime, which is free for us. Score! My copy had been stolen years ago, so I haven’t watched this in a while. It’s most definitely a classic.

“It’s a reason to get up in the morning. It’s a reason to lose weight…to fit in the red dress. It’s a reason to smile–it makes tomorrow all right. What have I got? Why should I get out of bed or wash the dishes? I do them–but why should I? I’m alone.”
–From one of my favourite scenes. And then the cab ride Harry takes home afterwards. Simple, yet pretty powerful.

Prompt 01

Think of a certain person you miss from your past–whether they be passed away or still alive–write them a letter in 500-1000 words. You can fictionalize it or whatever you want. There are no rules! Think of it as a flash non-fiction journal entry or a flash fiction story.
For more fun with this prompt, I encourage if you go the fictional route that you base it loosely on a person or time in your life! Be free, have fun, do whatever you want! That’s what prompts are for. Break the rules of writing and everything you know.

I will be doing this prompt myself. It should be up later, no revisions, no mistake correcting. As OCD as I am about that, I need to break that habit. In my private writing it doesn’t bother me, but online, I can’t bare the thought of an un-revised post. But in this blog, none of my entries will be revised unless stated otherwise.

This can help you past a writer’s block, help you get into the mood of writing (or, rather, the mindset), vent, or turn old/current pain into art. Channel out all your feelings–whether they be happy, painful, or haunting you. It’s therapy. I’m rambling so why are you reading this? GO WRITE!

Feel free to leave links to your own prompt in the comments (: They need to be approved, so let me know in your comment whether or not you want it public.


Online Journal, aka “blogging”.

I hate the word blog. It sounds sort of gross and lazy. Kind of like myself! 

Whatever, my point of this pointless post is that I miss wordpress. I can’t keep up with anything anymore, let alone a blog. My other one is floating around anonymously, full of prose and insides. This one is new. The other was too personal. Too far away. 

Mostly, I intend to actually get on here now, and to keep it more organized and mostly on the subject of literature and writing. Pretty much all I know. 

I think.